Special Thanks to all that helped create the women's home!

Beside the financial contributions, we got hundreds of volunteer man hours and local companies donated either goods, labor or both to make it possible, God is Great!


John Hamilton, Jim Pierce, Robert (Hank) Hankemeier, Jason Turner, Noah Turner, Ethan Turner, Bob Bush, Bo Hurst, Bob Montgomery, Nancy Montgomery, Peter Lancaster, Paul White, Tyler White, Luke Anderson, Jacob Owens, Jacob Yacobelli, Jena Yacobelli, Raul Arreguin, Kieth O'Connor, Dylan Mathews, Howie Bradley, Billy Fawcette, Patrick Reger, Ken Huges, Scott Gawronski, Zack Humphries, Randy Hedgecock, Karen Byram, Carmel Monti, Bill Laney, Amber Andersen, Carrie Hamblen, Samantha Harlow, Doug Pounds and Derek Ward.

Then there were those that worked day and night from beginning to end and beyond: Greg Louch, Bill Gass, Patrick Morris, Rick Reger (From New York to help), Bill Frizzell, Rick Balbierer and Dan Harris you guys pushed this house remodel project over the finish line and made this house a home for the women!

Local Companies/ Organizations:

  • Inspiration Academy Baseball Team - 3 full days of volunteer hours

  • Florida Affordable Air (941-358-6760) - Reduced price and donated labor

  • Albritton Pressure Washing (Michael Albritton 941-932-5955) - Donated Pressure washing

  • McGuire Electric (Tom McGuire 941-722-7504) - Reduced price on all electrical work

  • Woodruff & Sons Inc. (941-756-1871) - Donated 9 yds concrete, truck and a man to operate.

  • Lightning Construction Services Inc. (Mitch 941-504-0494) - Reduced price Dumpsters

  • I.P.M. Roofing (Joe Richardson- 941-565-8295) - Reduced price on new roof

  • S.W. Drywall (Steve Witaker 941-565-0403) - Donated all labor and charged us cost on materials

  • West Florida Distributors (941-355-2703) - Donated all marble window sills

  • Besterman Hardscapes (Lenny Besterman 941-866-6340) - Donated all labor on paver drive and 2 patios

  • Hughes Supply (941-753-5606) - Percentage off on hot water heater

  • Pipe Works of Bradenton (Tim Plante 941-720-1720) - Donated labor on all plumbing work

  • Sun Coast Pro Services LLC (Jim & Mary Pierce 941-348-7150) - Donated labor on all fence work

  • TF Security (Alberto Fernandez 941-807-6679) - Reduced price on security

  • Stewart Landscape management (Jeb Stewart 941-778-6036) - Donates ALL lawn care every month!

We could never have done this project without the blood sweat and tears of each of the people on this list! Forgive us if anyone's name didn't get included! it took over a year to complete and was very hectic at times. We thank God for each of you and love you dearly!

Please consider all these companies for your next project! they are a blessing!